Our Public Service: Transforming, Modernizing, Positively Changing

Ms. Irma Edwards, Chief Personnel Officer

“Our Public Service: Transforming, Modernizing, Positively Changing!”

That was the theme for the Excellence in the Public Service Awards Ceremony which took place on Friday December 7th, 2012.

According to Ms. Irma Edwards, Chief Personnel Officer, there are large numbers of public officers who go above and beyond their duties, and it is necessary to devote some of their time to recognizing these persons from time to time.

Ms. Hannah Clarendon has been an international civil servant for many years and she was the featured speaker at the ceremony.

She says as public officers, they should constantly be striving to change their environments and way of life.

She admits that as public officers, they are the most valuable resource a country can have because they work for the most important resource; the country’s citizens.

Award received on behalf of Mr. Patrickson and Family

She says each of them has time and talents and should be bringing something positive to the table to ensure that there is consistent growth in the country’s development.

Some of the awards given included Family of the Year Award, Minister of Public Service Award, and Public Officer of the Year Award.

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