Our Streets Should be named after Local Heroes

vlcsnap-2013-08-07-14h02m07s108A prominent businessman has raised concerns over a statement made by his worship Cecil Joseph, Mayor of Roseau on the renaming of the Dame Eugenia Charles Boulevard.

Mr. Val Cuffy said that the people who played an integral part in the development and structure of Dominica should be recognized.

According to Mr. Cuffy, the Dame Eugenia Charles Boulevard is a great representation for the contributions that Ms. Charles has made toward the development of Dominica, throughout her reign in the political arena.

vlcsnap-2013-08-07-14h02m45s32Meanwhile, His Worship Cecil Joseph, said that his statement made at the unveiling of the “Negre Mawon”, was misconstrued.

Mr. Joseph is of the view that the boulevard does no justice to the stern

Mr. Joseph believes the renaming will ensure that future generations are aware of the stern contributions that the late Dame Eugenia Charles has made in Dominica.


His Worship, Cecil Joseph

He highlighted that Victoria Street and Great George Street should also be changed to names of people who have contributed greatly to society.

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