Out of market illegal vending problem

A call is being sent to the general public, and vendors that, selling marketable commodities such as fish, meat and agricultural products, on the road side is illegal, which is stated under the Roseau market act.

Roseau market superintendant, Mr. Julius carbon says, anyone who wishes to engage, in the sale of marketable commodities, within one mile of the limits of the city of Roseau, needs to be the holder of a valid vendor’s license, and such permission can only be granted by the Roseau market.

Anyone caught committing this offence, will be arrested and will be fined $75.00, for everyday the activity is conducted.

Mr. Carbon says, this is not to penalize anyone, but to protect the public to ensure the product is wholesome, and proper health procedures are followed.

The Roseau market superintendant says, Roseau is very small, so there should be no problem about location, since the market is in the centre of the city, and is easily accessible to all.

Mr. Carbon went on to say there is always room, for persons to vend the marketable commodities at the Roseau market, so being arrested for breaking the law in selling such commodities, on the road side is unnecessary.

This message comes on the heels, of two women being arrested and charged, for vending marketable commodities on the road side.

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