Over 50 professional hair stylists participate in the 2nd Vitale Pro seminar

Over fifty professional hairstylists are set to benefit from the second Vitale Pro salon exclusive seminar, which was held at Auto Trade on April 4th, 2011.


The seminar was organized by representatives for the product line in Dominica, fine foods inc and featured renowned international changer, Sunja Friend of Atlanta.


Miss Friend said that she is pleased to be here in Dominica to facilitate this seminar, especially as the types of hair products that are being used is now becoming critical, with the advent of climate change.


Miss Friend also acknowledged the response received from the participants at the seminar.


Trayce Bunche is the local Vitale Pro representative in Dominica.


Two of the participants, Lucia Hurst of D-Unique Beauty Salon and Alphia Magloire Nicholas of the Glam Beauty Salon, gave their impressions on the seminar.


Topics covered during the seminar included texture cut and the progression of texture in modern hair design.

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