Over twenty artists to perform at a peace and love concert on December 10th 2010


Over twenty artists are scheduled to perform at the 2010 ‘Peace and Love’ concert on Friday, December 10th, 2010, in commemoration of International Human Rights Day.


The concert which will be held on the Dame Eugenia Charles Boulevard is being spearheaded by reggae artist, Nelly Stharre and the United Nations Development Fund for Women (UNIFEM).


While speaking to SAT TV News, on the eve of the event, the reggae artist says that the event is geared at raising the awareness on violence among Dominicans.


“The tenth of December is International Human Rights Day and we are putting on a Peace and Love concert to encourage Dominicans to keep the peace. We know how powerful music is and we can utilize music for the betterment of the people,” said Nelly Stharre.


Nelly Stharre says besides organizing the concert, she is currently under taking a number of other activities.


She said, “I am currently working with young girls in Jamaica who are coping with teenage pregnancy.”


The artist also shared a few words of encouragement to victims of violence.


“We want to encourage people to be the best that they can be because we are powerful and high spirited human beings,” she said.


Another artist who is scheduled to perform at tomorrow’s event, Trevey Felix says he is looking forward to putting on a great show for the public.


Ther artists who are scheduled to perform at the 2010 Peace and Love concert are Devin from the Caribbean Vibes, carlyn from the Fanatik Band, Daddy Chess from the Swinging Stars Band, Aima, Tasha P, Ayana, Dice, Skinny Banton, Atunyah, Hunter, Marie Claire, Ophelia, Harry Mo, Trevy Felix, Pointe Mitchel Cultural Group, Nelly Stharre, Beo Bradly, Sherian P, Pioneer Steel Pan, Trinity Dance Group, Athie Martin, Asher Thomas, Tarina, Karresah, Kaino, The Bobb, Genela Fountain and Dr Silk.

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