Overseas Based Dominican Musician Says Dominicans Need to Change Music Lyrics


Mr. Floyd Challenger

Overseas based Dominican musician Mr. Floyd Challenger, is urging Dominican musicians on the importance of the need to change the lyrics of their songs.

Mr. Challenger who is part of the Royalty Band of Dominica and based in the United States, made the statement during an exclusive interview with SAT  NEWS.

He said that stepping up the lyrical content of our music will certainly help in getting the recognition it deserves.

Currently the type of songs that are written are appealing to the local market, but not to the Regional and International markets.

Mr. Challenger is of the view that, the Dominica Government needs to place their full support behind local musicians, as they always do their best to promote the country wherever they perform.

He noted with the Government behind our musicians, we can break many barriers that we do not have the capacity to do on our own.

The musician, who has been a member of the Royalty Band for ten years mentioned that he is currently pursuing a solo career which he is launching in Dominica his homeland, and the Nature Isle of the Caribbean.

He highlighted, that on the International market, the musical world has changed significantly to a point whereby promoters complained when having to deal with large bands, as they prefer dealing with solo artistes.

However he is a solo artiste, and still a part of the Royalty Band.

Mr. Challenger who grew up in the active community of Mahaut, revealed that he always wanted to be a musician and never strayed from his dream.

He said what brought him this far is being consistent in promoting and marketing the music he creates along with his band members.

Making good music people can relate to, is another important factor to surviving in this ever changing music industry he added.

He recently performed at the Wete Fete held on Sunday February 3rd, the Pajama Party at JR’s Bar and Grill, Marigot Carnival Opening, and will be making more musical appearances during the Carnival Season.

Take a listen to one of his songs entitled “Keep Boyoun Music Alive.”

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