P.M Skerrit Wraps up Supplementary Estimates Expenditure

Prime Minister, Honourable Roosevelt Skerrit

Prime Minister, Honourable Roosevelt Skerrit

Is the Opposition, United Workers Party (UWP) sending the wrong signal as it relates to provision of supplementary estimates proposed at Parliament?

Well, Prime Minister, Honourable Roosevelt Skerrit seems to be of the view that the Opposition’s position on the matter is irrational.

Every government in the history of Dominica he noted, have presented supplementary estimates to the House of Parliament, however the Opposition seems to be against the move.

The Prime minister said they UWP have highly criticized the public support programme, where citizens are said to benefit from non-budgetary inclusions.

He says the Opposition has accused the Labour Party Government of poor planning, when they themselves have come directly to him for assistance.

Referring to Opposition leader, Mr. Hector John, the Prime Minister addressed the Speaker of the House saying, “Madame Speaker that very same man [Hector John] the leader of the Opposition, the member from Salisbury, comes to me now for financial support for his educational pursuits.”

So the rest of Dominica should go to education but because he is the leader of the opposition different rules apply to him, he asked.

Mr. Skerrit further revealed that majority of the debatable $1.6 million paid out from the public support programme was to assist in meeting medical expenses.

He went on to hail the success of the public sector programme, noting that it heavily assists persons who are incapable of meeting genuine living expenses.

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