Palmgrove Resident Tired of Road Condition

Martin Birmingham

The saying “there is so much a person can take” really goes a long way as Pamgrove Resident Mr. Martin Birmingham expresses his frustration to SAT TV.

Mr. Birmingham says it has been a year and 7 months since the road has been in this condition and this is victimization. He stated that it has a major impact on his wife and 2 children, the youngest being 3 years old.

He says he has contacted higher authorities from Ministry several times and not a thing has been done about it.

The frustrated resident says he is tired of reporting this issue and something needs to be done. He mentioned that the last statement he received from the Government was, “the project will commence this week”, yet he has not seen anyone or anything.

He says most times vehicles overtake each other which causes the dust to rise up which is detrimental to both him and his family’s health.

The 36 year old mentioned that he was arrested for this same situation in the past and he has never been arrested or been involved in any trouble before this incident.

Birmingham says he is pleading to higher authorities to take care of this matter therefore when he acts, individuals would not say that he is an “insane” person.

Mr. Birmingham is not the only one frustrated about the road condition.

Roy Timothy

Another victim Mr. Roy Timothy, who just happened to be passing by, agreed with Mr. Birmingham and says these roads need to be fixed as soon as possible.

As a bus driver, it has a major effect on his customers as well as his vehicle and he shares outmost sympathy for the people living in the area such as Mr. Birmingham.

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