Pan celebration

Pan lovers flocked to the Bayfront on February 7th for the pan celebration that boasted several steel pan groups.


The celebration kicked off with a steel pan rendition of the national anthem played by pious john Baptiste.


He also performed a steel pan duet with Atherton Martin and the two were later accompanied by a saxophonist.


The crowd danced to the steel pan rhythms of the Mahaut primary school steel pan, Mahaut steel pan group, genesis steel pan group Portsmouth steel pan group, real steel pan group, and cool steel pan group.


The bands performed a variety of genres including, Soca, hip hop, calypso and cultural music.


The crowd enjoyed Soca songs such as wotless, what happen in the party and nah going home till the morning come.


Popular calypsos such as ‘burn burn burn’ by sye, ‘send me’ by dice and ‘matador’ by young bull, ‘finger licking tasty chicken’ by wuksup were also played by the steel pan groups.


The crowd was also treated to a solo performance by Gregory rabess that he followed with his rendition of Creole romance that was accompanied on saxophone.

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