Panelists Gives their View on CARICOM Day

Lloyd Pascal

Director of the Environmental Coordinating Unit, Mr. Lloyd Pascal

Associates of the Dominica- Cuban Friendship association conveyed solidarity with the Socialist state of Cuba through a panel discussion.

Director of the Environmental Coordinating Unit Mr. Lloyd Pascal said it was in 1979 when Dominica was struck by one of the most devastating hurricanes that have ever passed in this region.

Mr. Pascal said it was from there that a decision was made assistance will be given to Dominica.

He noted that Fidel Castro sent a delegation from the summit to Dominica, to do an assessment to find out in what way they could assist.

One of the people who were included was the late Prime Minister of Grenada, Mr. Morris Bishop.

Mr. Pascal says they came to Dominica.

He explained that they were discouraged not to go to Cuba back then because they had heard so many negative things about Mr. Castro.

Mr. Pascal says when our countries realized that we were living in a region with people that were Caribbean people and had similar culture like ours; they realized there was no need to be isolated from them

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