Pappy seeks help

PAPPY.jpgLeader of the People Progressive Party (PPP) Mr. Lenard Baptist better known as “Pappy” is in distress due to his current accommodation and is crying out for help.


Mr. Baptist says that he has been in this so called “home” for over 2 years and he is yet to receive any help from the Government or the Prime Minister.


He stated that this is not the way for any human being to live especially one that has contributed towards the country.


Mr. Baptist says he has sleepless nights due to burglars, mosquitoes and lack of comfort. He mentioned that his house has been broken into on numerous occasions and he fears for his life when and if the robbers cannot find anything that interests them.


Mr. Baptist says that he was not always in this condition which he presently is in, and he believes that the Prime Minister Mr. Roosevelt Skerrit is doing everything in his power to keep him down.


In addition he says that he has containers at the Port which Hon. Rayburn Blackmore gave him permission to receive, however he is unable to do so unless he gets the “okay” from Mr, Skerrit.


Mr. Baptist says he has done everything he could possibly do to receive the help which he desperately needs to improve his home and he has run out of options.


He believes if does not receive help as soon as possible, the public may find him dead at his home.


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