Parents Dissatisfied With the Delay in the Construction of the New Newtown Primary School

Andrew Neubeck

While most students, parents and teachers were all smiles upon returning to school on Wednesday September 5th, it was angry faces and frowns for that of the faculty and parents of the Newtown Primary School.

This was the case as they all expected the new school term to commence in the new school they were promised by the government of Dominica, in collaboration with the Peoples Republic of china.

President of the Newtown Primary Parents Association Mr. Andrew Neubeck, who is dissatisfied with the constant delays in construction of the new school, says that it is long overdue and he does not understand why it is taking so much time for construction to commence.

Mr. Neubeck pointed out that in discussions with the Minister of Education, Honourable Peter St. Jean indicated that the Chinese changed the plan and now wants to tender out the project, when it was promised to be constructed by the Government.

He added that they have received so many excuses that at this point they do not know what is fact and what is fiction.

Mr. Neubeck added that there is a health issue which is affecting the students, as they have to call in the fire truck on numerous occasions to hose down the premises due to dust.

Principal of the Newtown Primary School Mr. Jerry Copiel says that one of the requirements were retaining walls to be constructed before construction of the new school can commence, but now that the government has done so the appropriate logistics are being worked out for construction to start.

The principal added that although the school’s construction was expected to begin in July or August of this year, this did not go as planned but the Ministry of Education is working feverishly to get work started.

Mr. Copiel pointed out that when constructing the new school environment will certainly help improve their image, and the learning and teaching conditions in turn will positively affect the overall performance of the school.

He added that he is very optimistic that construction of the school will start before the year ends.

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