Parents Eager to Continue Skills Training Programme Next Year

The parents of the Social Center Pre-school at Roseau have expressed their willingness to continue the Parenting Skills Training Programme next school term.


The programme, which started in April of this year at the school was a seven week programme and ended last week. Mrs. Norma Cyrille co-ordinated the programme.


Mrs. Cyrille mentioned that the parents were very excited about the programme especially the aspect of learning a skill.


She also said that the programme was a good means by which parents could bond with their children as the children are allowed to accompany their parents to the programme.


Teacher in charge, Debra Charles, said that she is very pleased with the programme and she is excited about its continuance.


She mentioned that not only the women, but the men are actively involved in the sessions held at the Social Center Pre-school.


The Parenting Skills Training Programme has previously been held in pre-schools at Portsmouth, Grand Fond and Dublanc.


Mrs. Norma Cyrille says that once funding is available, programmes can be initiated in the primary school and high school levels.

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