Parents Need to Monitor their Children More Closely Says Gender Advocate


Mrs. Delia Cuffy Weekes, Gender Advocate

Parents are being urged to ensure they pay closer attention to their children, especially as it relates to the use of technology.

This is the view of gender advocate, Mrs. Delia Cuffy Weekes, who say parents are much more exposed to technology.

Children no longer have difficulty accessing pornography. They can find it in their bedrooms through access to the internet and through their internet-ready cellphones which their parents purchase for them.

Mrs. Weekes explained what is even more disturbing, is that the children are now using their camera phones to record their own pornographic videos, which are being circulated in the public domain and on the internet.

This kind of action, she says, highlights the need for closer supervision by parents, while keeping healthy discussions with them, so that they do not engage in explicit activities.

If and when parents discover their child or children are involved in explicit activities, they should sit down and talk with them, rather than try to physically harm them.

ParentParticipation-MainShe said, the earlier parents discover the activities of their children the better.

The gender advocate is advising all parents, to work with their children to avoid these pitfalls and take up their important responsibilities, not just as parents but as good parents.

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