Parents Taught How to Discipline Their Children

The Parenting Skills Training Programme at the Social Centre came to an end yesterday, June 22nd, with a closing ceremony at the pre-school. The programme had been introduced to the parents of the pre-school in Roseau in April of this year. The programme was initiated after a pre-school teacher noticed one parent disciplining her child in an inappropriate way.


The programme aims at teaching parents proper ways of discipline, as well as other aspects of good parenting. Programme Coordinator, Miss Norma Cyrille, said she was very pleased with the enthusiasm of the parents, especially about the skills aspect of the programme.



One of the programme facilitators, Miss Celin Alexander, was very happy to have taught the parents basic sewing skills. She hopes that these skills will benefit them in the future.



One parent, Joan Joachim said that the programme was very timely, while the children are still young and that the parents need to start practicing proper parenting techniques.



The programme at the Social Centre included lessons on proper parenting, disciplining children, the importance of healthy living and sewing.



The facilitators of the programmes were Precilla Prevost, Celin Alexander and Joan Commodore.

The participating parents were awarded with certifications at the end of the programme.

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