Parliament: Government Invests in Black Sigatoka Disease

Leader of UWP, Edison James0

Leader of UWP, Edison James0

In Parliament on Tuesday March 5th, leader of the United Workers Party (UWP) Mr. Edison James, touched on various subjects that the Opposition disapproved of.

“This is 1% politics and 90% statesmanship,” Mr. James stated. According to Mr. James, DLP lost their marketing opportunity under the supervision of Minister of Agriculture Mr. Matthew Walter.

In regards to the Black Sigatoka Disease, Mr. James said when he was informed that the disease was approaching Dominica, he said to the Minister, and I quote, “let us prepare for its coming by ensuring that we have the right chemicals. The response was “we already had the right chemicals.” end quote.

Black Sigatoka is now present in Wesley, he said. Mr. James noted that this is lack of communication and dishonesty. He added, that a Supervisor from Castle Bruce was prepared to monitor and assist with the Black Sigatoka disease, but somehow was prevented due to alleged political reasons.

Mr. James also noted, that the opposition agrees to the forty-five thousand dollars fee for the electoral list and process. However, National ID Cards need to be dealt with before the election process.

Minister of Agriculture Mr. Matthew Walter, provided facts, figures as well as dates, to prove his point that the agriculture sector in Dominica is just as vital as any other sectors.

Mr. Walter said forty-nine thousand tons of wood crops were produced in 2011 with the value of one-hundred and four million and one-hundred and fifteen thousand dollars.

In addition, sixty-eight million dollars’ worth of tree crops was produced.

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Agriculture Minister Honourable Matthew Walter

He noted, the Government is on the right track and should remain focused on our farmers. However, our farmers and the agricultural sector should not disregarded.

The time of division is over and all stakeholders should come on board, Mr. Walter said.

Minister of Education Mr. Petter St. Jean, believes that the Opposition wants Dominica to the days when only 200 students were able to go to college.

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