Parliamentary Representative For Roseau Says Tourists Are Not Spending

Former Tourism Minister, Norris Prevost

The Parliamentary Representative for the Roseau Central Constituency, Honourable Norris Prevost, is saying that tourists are not spending any money this season.

Since the start of this Cruise season the vendors say they have had very little income from the ships and this is worrisome.

Mr. Prevost says he is seriously concerned about this decline and the Government needs to be more proactive with their efforts to revive the Industry.

Carnival Cruise Line was one of the ships that would come to Dominica on a regular basis.

Mr. Prevost says when he was Tourism Minister he had issues with them, but there was constant communication to maintain that Dominica remained one of their priority destinations.

He says the level of attention that has been paid to the cruise lines over the years has declined.

This needs to be addressed immediately if we want any sort of resolution with the cruise industry.

His biggest concern is that Government does not know how to rebuild the tourism industry or get the cruise lines that they have lost back.

He emphasizes that they need to put resources behind resurrecting the industry for the good of all Dominicans.

The former Tourism Minister is asking Government to take this situation more seriously before it is too late.

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