Parry Bellot Shares his Opinion on Alleged Leaks from the Integrity in Public Office (IPO) Commission

Mr. Bellot

Mr. Parry Bellot

Mr. Parry Bellot shared his views on the incident with journalist Lennox Linton and Senior Counsel Tony Astaphan, concerning alleged leaks from the Integrity in Public Office (IPO) Commission, on Wedenesday February 5th.

Mr. Bellot says the truth of the matter is, the Prime Minister’ lawyer cannot “leak” a document if it is already in his possession.

He says clearly, his lawyer will always have a copy of the Prime Minister’s documents therefore, this will not be classified as “leaking”.

He informed us that Mr. Astaphan also pointed out that when he spoke about leaks at the IPO, he was not only referring to a leak of a document, but he was talking about leaks of some of the discussions and decisions at the IPO meeting.

Mr. Bellot believes people are only taking sides based on political preferences.  He said, “those who like the Prime Minister are with Tony Astaphan and those who do not, are with Lennox Linton”.

He says Dominicans must learn to look at facts objectively, weigh things and then make a decision.

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