Parry Bellot Speaks on Sochi Winter Olympics Mishap

Mr. Parry Bellot, proprietor of Parry Bellot Enterprises

Mr. Parry Bellot, proprietor of Parry Bellot Enterprises

Owner of Parry Bellot Enterprises, Mr. Parry Bellot believes that the representation given by husband and wife, Gary and Angelica De Silvestri at the Sochi Winter Olympics put Dominica on the map.

According to Mr. Bellot, he welcomes anyone willing to brand the country in the international arena and does not believe that there was any scandal associated with Dominica’s representation at the Olympics.

“I don’t think there is any scandal associated with our representation at the Winter Olympics; actually I think it was a win-win for Dominica.”

He stated the publicity worked well for the Island, despite attempts by certain news agencies to paint a negative picture of what took place.

Mr. Bellot says that money contributed to Dominica through the online citizenship programme, as indicated on several news websites, when a non-national buys a passport, goes to national development and that aspect we should not criticize.

As it relates to the future of our athletes whether local or Diaspora Mr. Bellot agrees that priority be given to them first.

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