Passport Expiration Scandal


Approximately two weeks ago, a citizen of Guadeloupe was held in custody by the immigration department for presenting expired passport documents.

though some members of the Dominican public dispute the treatment that was give to said citizen of Guadeloupe, Public Relations Officer, Inspector Claude Weekes has a different insight on the matter.

According to a news article released in Guadeloupe on Saturday 16th July, the individual arrived in Dominica along with five other persons.

She was taken to the police station after the L’express Des Isles, upon which she arrived had departed.

The article states that she was body searched and had her socks and shoe laces with held while she was detained at the police station for 24 hours in a 2 meter by 2 meter cell.

Though the public has their own views on the matter, the authorities claim to have taken adequate measures in dealing with the matter as it is a criminal offence to present false or terminated legal documents in any situation.

The article mentioned that similar incidents have occurred in Dominica, and also highlighted the necessary documents for travelling to and from any Caribbean island or foreign country.

Written by Emmera Nesty

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