Pathologist describe a Fertigation Training as timely

Pathologist Sharon Jones has described a recent three-day workshop held in Dominica by the Caribbean Agriculture Research and Development Institute (CARDI), as timely.


The training which targeted farmers and agriculturists sought to introduce the participants to a new fertilizer and irrigation system, one that the facilitators believe is cost-effective.


Ms Jones says the fact that this training comes while there is a global rise in oil prices, is clear indication that farmers can still have hope and save cost, amidst these global financial crisis.


The training was facilitated by Dr Kimberly Moore and Luci Fisher of the University of Florida.


Other partners included the Florida Association of Volunteer Action in the Caribbean and the America (FAVACA), the Inter-American Institute for Cooperation on Agriculture (IICA), the Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry and the National Association for Youths in Agriculture (NAYA).

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