PDV Caribe Dominica Ltd ends SOL LPG shortage

The impact of PDV Caribe Dominica Ltd’s presence in Dominica came into sharp focus again on Wednesday, when the company ended energy company SOL’s LPG shortage.


After going without LPG for a few days, SOL’s LPG bottles were delivered to the Waitukubuli Fuel Storage and Distribution Plant in Jimmit on February 15th and filled with Petrocaribe LPG.


The decision by the management of PDV Caribe Dominica Ltd to collaborate with rival energy company SOL in order to end a gas shortage came easy because PDV Caribe Dominica Ltd understands its social commitment to Dominica.


Part of the company’s mission is to meet the energy needs of Dominica and the company takes that duty seriously.


PDV Caribe Dominica Ltd is a joint venture of the Government of Dominica and the Government of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela.


PDV Caribe Dominica Ltd owns and operates the Waitukubuli Fuel Storage and Distribution Plant, which was officially commissioned here in June 2008 with this very aim; providing Dominica with energy security.

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