Peace Corps celebrates its 50th anniversary

A half century ago, U.S President John F. Kennedy envisioned an agency that would provide an opportunity for Americans to serve their country while promoting a mutual understanding between people of different cultures.


Now, fifty years later, in 2011, over 2,000 Peace Corps volunteers have served more than 134 countries around the world, including Dominica, since 1967, that is 44 years of service.


The 27 Peace Corps volunteers currently serving Dominica now join over 200,000 volunteers around the world to celebrate their 50th anniversary.


Volunteer Alex Sheldon says the activities in Dominica will be held from April 4th to 9th, under the theme ‘fifty years of education, engagement, and enlightment.


A major project spearheaded by the volunteers this week is the painting of trash bins at the Goodwill Primary School.


An exhibition showcasing a large timeline featuring notable projects by the Peace Corps volunteers in the Eastern Caribbean is also on display at the financial center and the Roseau Public Library from April 4th to 9th.


A giant map which highlights the villages where volunteers have served is also open to the general public for signing.


A ‘go green Roseau’ cleanup campaign is also scheduled for this Saturday.

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