Peace Corps volunteer Judy Joyce spearheads a major river clean-up campaign for World Rivers Day

Peace corps volunteer Judy Joyce is calling on villagers in the Rosalie area, especially the youth to partner with her to undertake a major river clean-up campaign, as part of activities leading up to World Rivers Day.


Ms Joyce said that she too is supporting calls made by the World Rivers Day Committee on the need to educate the youth on safety and preservation, as this is critical in the overall development of the island.


‘We will be advocating a bit of business education. Disney has provided monies to start a little shop. We have about twenty youth that are going to help clean up the trail and then we’ll set up the shop so that the youth can sell their food and craft items’, she said.


In addition to the clean-up campaign, Joyce said that they have also organized a number of other fun and educational activities for the children, where officials from the Dominica Coast Guard will also be present to speak to the youth on water safety.


According to her, ‘during the morning, we will have the cleaning up and then we’ll have the coast guard come and a few adults and we’ll have kayaking and then some swimming lessons as well as water safety sessions. It is important that people are educated on how to save themselves and save somebody else, should they get stuck in a situation’.


The river clean up campaign will be held in conjunction with the Nature Enhancement Team and the Wavine Cyrique Conservation Association.

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