People’s Pentecostal Church Opens New Playground

Sat Telecoms2014-04-15-20h51m32s234Fifteen students from Masters Academy along with five parents recently embarked on a project that would provide the residents of Goodwill a place of leisure.

Members of the Canadian High school along with the People’s Pentecostal Church in Dominica, on April 13th 2014 cut the ribbons to open the new playground and officiate the handing over.



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Chairperson, Brother Bernard Ettinoffe, says this is a clear demonstration of the goodwill and heart of the students of Masters Academy and believes recreation plays a major role in the upbringing and the lives of young people.

The facility is located near the Pentecostal church – a reasonable distance from the Goodwill and Pottersville highways.

Brother Ettinoffe hopes the facility will positively and spiritually occupy the time of young people.



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Brother Bev Jess, Representative of Master Academy added the playground is not only an expression of the love of the students but an expression of God’s love.

He feels God put the idea in their hearts to share with Dominica, stating “this playground is to be a reminder to you of God’s love for you”.



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Meanwhile, Mayor of Roseau, Her Worship Irene John urged persons to take care of the facility.

“It is said that nothing in Dominica lasts but we must never forget that we are the ones to make it last. For while some of us are thinking of positive and worthwhile ventures, others are hard at work planning to break down”, she said.



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Persons from all across Dominica are invited to make full use of the playground.

The Master College High School has also built playgrounds in Trinidad & Tobago and Cuba.











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