People’s Pentecostal Praise Festival

Welcome to People’s Pentecostal Church

The People’s Pentecostal Church dedicated their newly renovated facility, at a praise festival on Sunday October 28th.

Present at the Festival was the Acting Prime Minister, Honourable Ambrose George and his wife.

Mr. Bernard Etinoffe, member of the People’s Pentecostal Church, says it was about 22 months ago, that their pastor, Bishop Michael Daniel went out in an act of faith, to begin the planning phases of repairs that needed to be made to the building.

The Government of Dominica decided to help with the renovations, by approving $150,000 towards the cause.

They soon realized that with every change came an additional cost.

The Acting Prime Minister, Honourable Ambrose George, says the Prime Minister would have been proud of the work that has been carried out from the contributions made for the new facility.

He says this church has been playing its part in molding the lives of those in the communities that it serves, and the importance of having God as part of our lives.

He hopes that the People’s Pentecostal Church would continue to touch people’s lives, especially now with their newly renovated church.

The congregation gave thanks in song and dance.

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