Performance in English “A” and Mathematics, Major Concern for Ministry of Education

The recent performance of students in the CSEC examinations has cause major concerns for the Ministry of Education.

The Mathematics scores have plummeted from those of 2011.

Chief Education Officer, Stephenson Hyacinth gives an excerpt from the CXC Press Release dated 10th August 2012 titled: “A call for action to address performance in Mathematics”.

The Subject Awards Committee has called in on the region to address issues of teaching and performance in Mathematics by recognizing its Mathematics program, supporting teachers training and facilitating access.

Under the Subheading of performance, Mr. Hyacinth says that the release stated that for 3 consecutive years, the overall performance has declined as regards to Language.

The subcommittee noted that this decline was most obvious in the summary and comprehension questions.

Hon. Peter St. Jean

Minister of Education, Honourable Petter St. Jean, says that at the secondary school level numeracy is proving to be one of the weak areas for many of our students.

He says the trend in these results is not limited to Dominica but it is a global phenomenon.

An important issue is the need for utilization of the competencies and skills that will be developed, and a supporting and enabling environment for application of best practices.

This intervention will improve students achievement in Mathematics in the primary school system and reverse the current poor attainment levels that we see across the board.


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