Permits issued for International Film Makers to film in Dominica

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The Dominica Film Office has implemented some new legislation that International Film Makers must follow in order to produce films in Dominica.


Dominica’s Film Commissioner, Mrs Anita Bully says that to ensure that the county receives maximum benefits from foreign film makers; they have found it necessary for persons to obtain a permit for professional filming in the country.


This she believes will add value to the small growing filming industry that currently exists in the country.


Mrs Bully said that the Dominica Film Office is collaborating with a number of partners including the Customs and Excise Division to create awareness on the new measures.


The Dominica Film Office is also working with stakeholders in the Tourism and Trade Industries to build a link between foreign film makers and local industry players.


According to Mrs Bully, there are many benefits that can be derived from collaborations among foreign industry players, to include employment and exposure to the film industry.


Just last week, the Dominica Film Office hosted two workshops on Audio and Film Making for Dominican editors and artistic writers.

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