Persons Involved in the Cultivation and Sale of Produce Urged to get Licensed


Market-of-the-new-Bridge-in-Roseau-DominicaIndividuals involved in the sale and cultivation of agricultural produce are being urged to obtain the proper licenses to do so, while those whose with expired licenses are advised to make the necessary arrangements to have them renewed.

This includes a farmer who is the owner of the land, and produces licensable agricultural produce for sale, and a produce peddler or a market vendor who is licensed to sell agricultural produce.

Communications Officer in the Division of Agriculture, Mrs. Delia Cuffy Weekes said this is important as persons who are not licensed, but involved in the sale of agricultural produce can and will be punished by law according to the Sale of Produce Act in the Laws of Dominica.

Any person who sells or exports licensable produce without first having obtained the relevant license commits an offense.

The license must therefore be renewed by the first of April of each year.

It shall be the duty of every person purchasing produce from any person peddling the same, to call for the production of such person’s produce seller’s or peddler’s license and, in default of production, to ascertain the name and address of the seller or peddler and report the matter to the police.

Mrs. Weekes mentioned, the license is also a way of keeping track and ensuring that persons are accountable for the produce they sell, and that they are not harvesting from the farms of others. Therefore both the public and farmers are protected.

This picture I.D can be used as an official form of identification when one is transacting business in the sale of agricultural produce.

Mrs. Weekes stated, the hard work farmers endure preparing crops and rearing animals for slaughter, need to be applauded and it is unfair that someone else should reap the rewards.

She said any one or business has a right to ask anyone they are purchasing produce from, for their license to ensure they are not purchasing stolen goods.

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