Petite Savanne Feast This Weekend

Member of the Petite Savanne village council, Ms. Joana Guiste

Petite Savanne will be full of excitement this weekend, as Fete ti Savanne 2012 will take place from October 5th to 7th.

Member of the Petite Savanne village council Ms. Joana Guiste, says the feast will start off with a “Petite Savanne talent night” where the residentS will showcase their different talents.

Ms. Guiste says 4 bands from Petite Savanne will perform on Saturday night, as well as the famous band from Portsmouth, the Anchor band.

She added that on Sunday, she encourages public to partake in the church service.

Ms. Guiste noted that this is not an annual thing due to financial constraints; therefore the council tries to host it at least every two years.

Manager of Tribal Services, Mr. Jerd Dorsette

Ms. Guiste says the last feast held in 2010 was a huge success due to the awards ceremony that they hosted. On the Sunday, people from the community were recognized for their contributions also.

Ms. Guiste encourages the public to attend the feast because she believes that it would be an entertaining event.

Manager of Tribal Services, Mr. Jerd Dorsette gave special recognition to their sponsors and says without them, the feast would not be successful.


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