Petite Soufriere residents say a recent tragic murder in their community come as a sigh of relief

Residents at Petite Soufriere are calling on the village council to mount a petition to release the four men charged for the murder of Errol Eustace, who was beaten to death on December 29th, 2010.


Eddie Lewis, Ronald Mellow, Randy and Eddie Laudat, all of Petite Soufriere are now on remand at the Dominica State Prison, awaiting their trial which is scheduled for May 4th, 2011.


SAT TV News visited the community of Petite Soufriere on Tuesday, January 4th 2011, where we interviewed several residents.


The villagers argued that while they do not support violence, the victim was what they described as a ‘menace’ to society.


Desire Dangleben described the incident as unfortunate but relieving, saying that ‘the men acted Christ-like because what they did actually delivered the entire community’.


Vivian Durand told SAT TV News that because of Eustace, the community and its surrounding villages were forced to adhere to a 6:00pm curfew.


Mason Gustave, whose mother was raped by the victim, described him as ‘terrible’.


Sylvia Durand, Eustace’s ex-girlfriend said that while it is unfortunate, she can now live a life free of fear, as she had been confined and abused by the victim for the past nineteen years.


She took the opportunity to show the many scars on her body that was inflicted by Eustace, having received the last one in November 2010.


Eustace’s twelve year old daughter, Shermain Eustace, who insisted on being interviewed, said that she too, is relieved by the death of her father.


According to the residents, other offences allegedly committed by Eustace in the community included arson, theft, burglary, threats, rape, battery and grievous bodily harm.


The Petite Soufriere Village Council is now tasked with the responsibility of mounting a petition to present to the necessary authorities, for the release of the four young men charged for the murder of Errol Eustace.

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