Phase One of the Point Heritage Project Launched

Sat Telecoms2014-02-03-18h10m08s51Phase one of the Point Heritage Project was officially unveiled on Friday January 31st2014, when Chief Executive Officer Of The Domini Corporation, Mrs. Jennifer Aird, cut the ribbon to two new bus stops at the Pond Casse roundabout.

This project is one of many, as part of efforts to celebrate the Morne Trois Pitons World Heritage Site and to develop a heritage anchor for the Commonwealth of Dominica.

It focuses primarily on the beautification and enhancement of this strategic point of convergence at the heart of the Nature Island, while stimulating growth in the surrounding rural communities.


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The project also aims to contribute to Dominica’s socio-economic and cultural development.

Located on lands owned by the Government of Dominica, the project has been under development over a period of 15 years and was approved and endorsed by the Cabinet in 1998.



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It involves the work of Dr. Alwin Bully and Scupltor, Mr. Roger Burnett, who are part of a Steering Committee formed for the project.

Thank you also goes out to organisations including; the Ministry of Environment, Natural Resources & Physical Planning, The Ministry of Tourism and the Ministry of Agriculture & Forestry and the Waitukubuli National Trail Management Unit.




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Others include; the Regional Council of Martinique Department of Environment & Energy in collaboration with private sector companies including; Escot Caraibes, Hydrom and Energy de Martinique among others.






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