Phenomenal Young Men’s Symposium

With Carnival fast approaching, our young men in particular, are being reminded of their responsibility to act sensibly around this time.

It is recognized that at this time of year where there is much excitement and emotional highs, individuals tend to party a lot, and perhaps drink a little too much, sometimes leading to misbehaviour, and even occasionally, unnecessary violence.


Phenomenal Young Men’s Symposium

To highlight this message even further, a Young Men’s Symposium was held to assist them in focusing on alternative ways in which to vent their frustrations and find their creative self.

A team of trained Counsellors was assembled, including Mr Thomas Holmes, Dr. Lucia John, and Ms. Sonia Nestor, a British-trained counseling expert.

Mr. Bellot says the subject for the symposium is How to help Manage our Anger’, with the aim being: to discuss and recommend techniques for young men to control emotions in adverse situations.

In short, to help them integrate appropriately with their peers and others, even amidst carnival revelry.

parry bellot

Mr. Parry Bellot

The participants at the symposium heard from “role models” who have done well in society, sometimes having had to turn away from their once violent ways.

The Symposium has inspired the participants and they are on their way to finding their creative and fulfilling self, a non-violent one!


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