Pichelin woman fined $ 500.00 for damaging her mother’s glass window with a stone

Larissa Pinard of Pichelin was charged with malicious damage and throwing missiles on January 6th 2011, following an incident which took place at Pichelin on January 5th, 2011.


According to the facts of the matter, at approximately 7:00pm, Pinard shattered a glass window with a stone, after her mother refused to open the door to let her in.


When asked about the reasons for her actions, Pinard stated that her mother refused to open the door,  so she broke the window in order to enter.


During her plea in mitigation, she stated that there has been an ongoing feud between her mother and herself from since the age of 16, and does not believe the matter can be resolved.


On the charge of malicious damage she was fined five hundred dollars  to be paid by January 31st 2011, or in default one month imprisonment and six hundred dollars on the charge of throwing missiles due by February 28th 2011 or in default two months imprisonment.

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