Plane Runs Off Runway at Canefield Airport


Coastal Airways Airplane

It was a close call on the morning of Thursday February 27th 2014, when a plane carrying an estimated 9 passengers and the pilot ran off the runway at the Canefield Airport.

The incident occurred at about 10:40 a.m., when a Coastal Airways Airplane coming from St. Croix, due to what some passengers say was a brake malfunction, when the pilot attempted to stop the plane upon landing.

Ms. Cylma Luke, of Salisbury was a passenger on board the plane.





Ms. Cylma Luke, of Salisbury

Ms. Cylma Luke, of Salisbury

“We landed very good”, she said but after a while I heard somebody say “the plane cyah stop”.

Ms. Luke noted, she did not panic when she heard the plane could not stop, as she is very strong in her Christian faith.

She said most people were calm, but there was an elderly lady who was very frightened by the incident.

The plane came to a stop when its wing clipped the fence at the extreme end of the runway, after the pilot swung it hard to the right.

Mr. Antoine Baptiste, who sat at the front of the airplane, saw the incident unfold, stating the pilot landed the airplane well, however the problem began when the pilot attempted to apply the brakes to stop the plane.

The St. Croix native who was visiting Dominica said, following this experience he learnt that in travelling we have to be prepared for anything, but thanked God that no one was injured.

Stanford Xavier, who was another passenger aboard the aircraft added, the pilot made numerous attempts to stop the plane but was unsuccessful in doing so when he applied the brake.

As most of the passengers, the Xavier’s are originally from Dominica but reside in St. Croix.

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