Plans for Upgrade of Capital City

vlcsnap-2014-05-13-17h15m23s50A master plan for the upgrade of the capital city, Roseau is underway.

Plans to improve traffic flow, create more defined public transportation and vending facilities and designs to reveal the hidden beauty of the town are just some of the initiatives under the project.

On Tuesday May 13th 2014, the Government of Dominica engaged the public in a dialogue to discuss the upgrade of infrastructural development in the city, in a bid to increase visitor return and encourage businesses investment and reinvestment.

The upgrade, according to Ian Fields of 3-S Bridges/NSG Barbados is focused on developing systems to improve the look and business investment opportunities for Dominica.

Some of the main projects to be undertaken under this initiative is a city storm water drainage system, Botanical Garden Bypass, West Bridge replacement and upgrades of the cruise ship terminal and sea wall.The Ministry of Public Works has identified places that require road work rehabilitation and drainage systems.

According to Honourable Ambrose George, Acting Prime Minister, the upgrade will be more conducive to richer social, economic and environmental development, noting that the city has lost some of its historical charm and appeal.The series of plans are expected to be directly beneficial to residents of Roseau.

The city was initially branded by relics of British and French colonization structures.



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