Plans to develop Portsmouth for commercial purposes

The community of Portsmouth may soon be getting a facelift, as plans are on the way to develop the coastline in commerical properties, which will aid in the earnings derived from tourism.


Minister for Tourism and Legal Affairs, Honourable Ian Douglas says, all plans which will aid in the development of the town will be taken into consideration.


Mr. Douglas says, the shanland and corks report commissioned by the colonial government in 1968, on the potential of dominica, showed results of cabrits and the portsmouth area has the most potential for development.


He went on to say in recent times, a german national named akat said he came to develop the cabrits area to do a mariner, and other water front development which also have not materialized.


Mr. Douglas says it is onlt the present government who is taking real steps to see tangible results towards the development of portsmouth.


He says with reclaimed land also they would like to take from the new fisheries complex all the way down to the indian river to develop in a similar way such as the dame eugenia charles boulevard in roseau.


The tourism minister says the government would like to take places with true potential such as Posrtmouth, to the next level which is to make it a first rate town in dominica and the region by extension.

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