Plant Protection and Quarantine to Implement New Act in 2013

Ryan Anselm, Head of the Plant Protection and Quarantine Unit

Ryan Anselm, Head of the Plant Protection and Quarantine Unit

The lead institution in the protection of agricultural resources is the Plant Protection and Quarantine Unit of the Ministry of Agriculture.

This year they are focusing heavily on keeping exotic pests from entering the country.

In 2012 they have had a number of pests including Black Sigatoka, and the Citrus Greening Disease, which have caused hovoc in the Agriculture Industry in Dominica.

Head of the Plant Protection and Quaranting Unit, Mr. Ryan Anselm, says this year they are focusing on continuing the education process of the general public so that these pests do not enter Dominica.

Currently they are reviewing the legislation which is the Plant Protection Act of 1986. This is because the legislation does not cover all the invasive species and enforcement that needs to be taken.

People should be very cautious when bringing in plant material from overseas and should the necessary steps to protect our crops from being contaminated.

Mr. Anselm says the Ministry has spent over 6 million dollars in dealing with Black Sigatoka and Citrus disease alone and this is very costly.

Mr. Anselm is urging farmers to continue to cultivate their plantains, bananas and citrus crop, and to work with the Ministry in dealing with the diseases that plague them.

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