Plus One Project Call for Mentors

Michelle Belle

A call has been sounded for persons to register to be mentors for the new Plus One Project which aims at providing a support system for underprivileged youth.

This call came from the coordinators of the Plus One Project, Mr. Delroy Williams, Ms. Michelle Belle and Ms. Nekelia Gregoire.

The plus one Project is a life skills project that enlists the support of youth ages 18 to 29 within a particular community that volunteer their time and energy, to assist the young children 7 to 11 with social, education and general activities.

The project can simply be defined as fostering a helpful relationship between a younger and older individual.

Ms. Belle said one of the objectives of the project is to bridge the gap between the younger and older youth, since there are young adults and children.

Another Plus One project’s Assistant Coordinator Ms. Nekelia Gregoire says although persons may have a busy schedule, there are some with the necessary time which they are looking for to be a part of this project.

The volunteers give a minimum of one hour per week of their time with one young child with whom they are peered by the Coordinator or Assistant Coordinators, and Volunteers are expected to have at least three interactions per month.

Volunteers for the project will be picked based on their sensibility, confidence, social skills and reliability which will be ascertained through a training/development session with all volunteers.

Coordinator of the Plus One Project Mr. Delroy Williams says this program is also very important for the parents to also interact with the mentor and child in assessing the program.

Mr. Williams added that although some persons have shown interest in being mentors they are seeking to get as much as they can to ensure the success of this program.

The Plus One Project team will also have consultations with the parents of the children participating in the project to discuss the effect and/or impact of the volunteers and project.

The volunteer training/development session is carded for September 1st, 2012, and experience in youth groups, youth work and/or mentorship programs will be an asset.

Interested young people can sign up by contacting Plus One on 615-5881 or 315-0385, or email:

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