PM Skerrit Advises St. Lucians to Vote for Labour

Prime Minister Honourable Roosevelt Skerrit

Prime Minister Honourable Roosevelt Skerrit

Prime Minister Honourable Roosevelt Skerrit during his speech at the St. Lucia Labour party Delegate’s Conference held on Sunday March 9th 2014 in St. Lucia; enlightened the citizens of St. Lucia on why they should vote the St. Lucia Labour Party into Government.

He stated, when he looks at St. Lucia and the challenges they face, he cannot understand how it is that Prime Minister, Kenny Anthony has not sent one public officer home, and told the St. Lucians that they have a prime minister who is not only the envy of the Caribbean but the entire world.

Mr. Skerrit stated as Labour parties in government at this time, we have to remain focused on the issues at hand.

According to him, if the Caribbean Islands are to successfully recover from the challenges of this economic recession, with our social safety net intact, the Labour Parties of the Eastern Caribbean have to join forces and stay at the forefront of national policy decision making.

The Dominican Prime Minister stated it is not enough for some of us to yearn and settle for 52 percent of the popular vote in an election; we have to strive as Labour parties in the sub-region to return to the once pivotal designation of natural party of choice.

He told the party’s leadership and supporters they have some work to do, since Labour parties’ natural support base over the past 20 years have been eroding for varying reasons and that territory must be reclaimed.

“We have to recognize the votes of known Labour party supporters alone are not enough to keep us in office and we have to make our political homes welcoming and comfortable for those who wish to cross over.”

He added, he wants Labour parties in the region to rekindle the passion for fighting against threats and advances made towards our working people, and in doing so we must unmask and expose the pretenders and predators who wear the disguise of Opposition Politicians.

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