PM Skerrit launches his ‘pathway to a higher level’

Prime Minister Roosevelt Skerrit has called on Dominicans at home and abroad to join hands and put their shoulders to the wheel in a determined effort to take all Dominicans to the higher level of progress. 

During his budget address on Tuesday, the prime minister said that building a new Dominica requires the cooperation and participation of all Dominicans.


He said that in the upcoming fiscal term, his administration will be focusing on the development of several sectors, with much emphasis on agriculture and tourism.


“In agriculture the next level will find us in a situation of greatly increased market-driven production of quality commodities, able to be transported on a regular and reliable basis, to niche markets in the Caribbean and beyond. In tourism, our considerable efforts to attract internationally branded and well known boutique hotels to Dominica, will have borne fruit. Such hotels will not only employ well-trained Dominicans, but will provide accommodation which will appeal to international travelers in settings of natural splendor,” said Skerrit.


Mr Skerrit said that while call centres in Dominica currently employ hundreds of young people, the next level will see the establishment of offshore data centers, employing more highly skilled Dominicans. This he believes will be in accordance with other infrastructural development in various sectors.


“Our physical infrastructure, more particularly our major roads, will be developed to international standards and our secondary roads, including feeder roads and farm access roads, will be developed and maintained to a high level and quality. Night-landing facilities at Melville Hall airport will enable Dominica to fully integrate into the airline schedules, in a way that makes maximum use of the airport enhancement, leading to increased domestic and tourist traffic,” said Skerrit.


The prime minister boasts that in recent times the quality of education at all levels have improved, as the government continues to


target the objective of having one university graduate in each household.

He said that the health and business sectors will experience similar growth under this developmental plan.


“The proposed new general hospital, the fourth pillar project under our cooperation arrangement with the People’s Republic of China will create a facility which will enable us to offer a new range of medical interventions at a level which will drastically reduce the need for Dominicans to seek medical attention overseas. The private sector will be expected to play a much larger role in job creation – our efforts to encourage small business will play a role in this, as will the establishment of businesses through the proactive intervention and facilitation of the AID Bank,” said Skerrit.

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