PM Skerrit not Bothered by Lennox Linton Leading UWP


Journalist, Mr. Lennox Linton

Prime Minister Honourable Roosevelt Skerrit, says that he is not worried by reports that, investigative journalist, Mr. Lennox Linton, could be the next leader of the Opposition, United Workers Party (UWP).

Mr. Skerrit said he is in no way threatened if Mr. Linton does become the leader of the UWP.

This is how Mr. Skerrit responded to a question of the possibility of snap elections.

“I am not saying elections are not important, but there are many more important things at this time that I need to focus on. The Labour Party will be ready to return to office whenever elections are called,” Mr. Skerrit noted.

The present Government, he said, is the only one that has a credible plan for the development of Dominica and anyone who opposes this Government does not have any positive plans for the development of this country – which is unfortunate.


Prime Minister Honourable Roosevelt Skerrit

According to the Prime Minister, “They have no idea how to deal with the issues confronting the Dominican people, as they have been in office for 14 years and nothing has come from that.”  “I do not expect anything to come from them in the next 14 years”, he said.

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