PM Skerrit Says We Need to Protect our Environment

Prime Minister, Hon. Roosevelt Skerrit

Prime Minister Honourable Roosevelt Skerrit is urging Dominicans to do all they can to protect our environment, so we can truly call this country the Nature Isle of the Caribbean.

He said that we cannot continue to pollute our rivers, as too many of us simply dump waste in our precious rivers, and we see the effects of this bad practice with the flooding that takes place during heavy rains, which washes people’s homes away.

Mr. Skerrit says that we cannot keep cutting trees and not planting to replace them.

He is satisfied with the decision to focus Community Day of Service on beautification for the last two years, and as a result of this is the lovely sight of flowers on the side of the road.

Mr. Skerrit says this adds to the aesthetic value of the country and instills a sense of pride and beautification and cleanliness in Dominicans, and this must and should continue.

The Prime Minister also sent out a challenge to Dominicans to show greater tolerance, love and affection to each other, as many times we have many family members, namely our grandparents left alone to provide for themselves.

He said this is not right as in most cases they have relatives and friends living right next to them.

If this is done we will have a much better Dominica as we would like to all live in peace and harmony.

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