Pointe Michel Residents Fed Up Of Smell in Community

Rubbish and Waste Prodcuts

Pointe Michel Resident Mr. Clement Roberts says he is fed up of the horrific smell within his community.

Mr. Roberts is the owner of a bar, popular for its fresh fish in Point Michel where the fish is prepared in many different ways, and he stated that this issue is having a negative impact on his business.

According to him, this matter has been prolonged for over 3 months.

The main issue that is frustrating Mr. Roberts is that, the waste and garbage do not go to the sea as they are supposed to.

The rubbish and waste remains at the “Bayside” which develops a disgusting smell which affects him, residents and his customers.

Mr. Roberts says he has already spoken to the village council and they have been at the scene.

Pointe Michel Resident, Mr. Clement Roberts

He said the design scheme which was premeditated to transfer waste and rubbish to the sea is not doing him any justice as it does not function as it should.

Mr. Roberts strongly believes that the design was wrongly done and needs to be fixed.

He added that he along with residents, asked for help from the engineer and they were ignored.

He said the dirt is also building up to the culvert and in the next week, the roads will be flooded due the blockage of the culvert.

Another resident who goes by the name of “Gadafi” supports Mr. Roberts’s opinion and says something needs to be done.

Pointe Michel Resident, Gadafi

The frustrated resident says that residents need to obey the law and put their rubbish out on the days provided.

He says the construction of the road is a serious problem.

Both residents are desperately calling on the help of higher authorities to assist them as soon as possible.


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