Police appeals to citizens to understand the sensitive nature of the case involving Shanice Jemmott


Given the sensitive nature of the matter regarding the disappearance of Shanice Jemmott, Acting Superintendent of Police Claude Weekes says the police is not able to reveal certain information to the general public.


He says while they are willing to provide valuable information to the public they will not disseminate any information that will compromise their investigations.


Weekes sought to bring some clarification to the matter after being bombarded with questions regarding the state in which the 15 year old teenager was found.


He says despite the public’s huge appetite for information regarding the matter, the police will continue to work in the child’s best interest.


Shanice who disappeared without a trace on February 17th, 2011 was recovered on Monday March 28th, 2011 in the heights of Clark Hall Estate along with Webster Edmund who is alleged of holding her in captivity.

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