Police Chief Concerned About Firearm Theft at Police Station


Police Chief Daniel Carbon

Police Chief Daniel Carbon has made it clear that he is not pleased as it relates to the theft of a firearm at the Roseau Police Station.

Mr. Carbon noted when such incidents occur; it damages the trust the public has in the police force especially its ability to disseminate information to solve crimes.

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Senior police officer, Sergeant Philbert Bertrand

Senior police officer, Sergeant Philbert Bertrand, who was suspended for the sale of firearms, was reinstated.

After a civilian, who was charged with possession of illegal firearm in 2012, told police officers that he bought the firearm from Mr. Bertrand and an investigation was carried out into the matter.

Sergeant Philbert Bertrand was suspended on the 23rd of October, 2012 but was not given any reason for the suspension.

The investigation was conducted, and the inspector filed a report in which he indicated that there was no evidence that Sergeant Bertrand was involved in the illegal sale of state owned firearms.

stolen-gunMr. Carbon noted the letter stated that, Sergeant Bertrand must be reinstated immediately and so he informed him the same day.

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