Police Chief Condemns The Act Of Buggery

Gay cruise.jpgPolice Chief Mr. Cyril Carette says Dominica has laws which are put in place for a reason, so anyone caught breaking the law of this country will be held accountable for his or her actions.


Mr. Carette made this statement on the heels of the incident where two American cruise ship passengers, who came to Dominica on the Celebrity X Cruise Ship, and openly engaged in the immoral act of buggery on the outside balcony of the room on the ship, while it was docked at the Roseau Cruise Ship Berth.


The incident which occurred on Wednesday March 21st, caught the attention of a number of persons on the Dame Eugenia Charles Boulevard at the time.


Many Tour Guides and Taxi Operators who witnessed the act openly disapproved of what they saw, saying this kind of behavior is for bedrooms and not out in the open if that is the life they chose to live, but they cannot and should not disrespect our Nature Island Dominica with such immoral behavior.


While some Taxi Drivers refused to carry some gay passengers, others saw it as business as usual and continued booking their tours.


One driver said that he is not here to mind people business, and what they do is not his business, although he disapproved of the action of the male tourists, he said he is here to work and make money to put bread on his table.


This incident had many Dominicans discussing the topic of whether or not gay tourist should be allowed to enter Dominica’s ports.


The two male individuals were arrested subsequently and transported to the Roseau Police Station.

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