Police Chief Say They are Making Good Progress to Address Crime

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Chief of Police Mr. Cyril Carette is urging the public to help in solving unsolved crimes, while stating that the police have been making a lot of progress solving crime on the island.

Mr. Carette says that during the period of 2010, the Commonwealth of Dominica Police Force, responded to and investigated 5294 summary and 1291 indictable matters.

However in 2011 the numbers increased to 5415 summary matters, and 1481 indictable matters.

Mr. Carette stated that, they have made successes in a number of crimes, which have been committed for this year which must be noted.

The Police Chief pointed out that a large sum of cash, firearms, and ammunition were recovered during their investigations.

He also stated that, forensic analysis of items recovered at the crime scene is being conducted.

Mr. Carette also said that, investigations continue into the fire at the home at Attorney at law Glensworth Emmanuel, which occurred on December 25th 2010.

However when questioned about, why the investigations into the matter has been going on for such a long time with no arrests into the matter.

Even when an individual confessed to the crime, Mr. Carette simply replied, and I quote, “Just as the wheels of justice run slowly, some investigations run slowly,” end quote.

Mr. Carette also made a plea for the public’s assistance in solving the unsolved crimes, which needs a successful closure.

He also mentioned the death of Manuel Shillingford of St. Joseph, and the kidnapping of Deon Hakim Alfred and Leon Duppy Joseph, both of Stockfarm.

Mr. Carette went on to say that the shooting incident, which occurred at the Convent Preparatory School on July 12th 2011, which involved Nicholas Roberts, was thoroughly investigated and transferred to the Director of Public Prosecutions.

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