Police continue search for missing teenagers lost at sea


Rescue operations continue for two teenagers who were involved in an accident at sea in the Riviere Cyrique area on Wednesday, July 14th. Police Public Relations Officer Inspector Claude Weekes spoke to SAT TV gave more details on the incident.


“Police can confirm that two teenagers are missing, Jermisca St Ville, 13 years of Boetica and Daniel Joseph 16 years of Boetica as well. They along with a group of other people from the Boetica are converged on the Secret Beach and somewhere about 5pm a huge wave came and engulfed the two missing people. A report was made the police and they responded promptly,” said Weekes.


In the interim, Inspector Weekes said that one man has been assisting the police in their ongoing investigations in the stabbing incident which took place at Marigot last week.


“With regard to the stabbing in Marigot, the police are continuing their investigations and we have learnt that a young man has assisted the police, and of course, investigations will continue,” said Weekes.

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