Police In Search Of Alleged Mentally Ill Man Following House Fire in Massacre

The Police are currently in search of a young man believed to be mentally ill following a house fire in the community of Massacre on the morning of Monday April 28th 2014.



Thomas Greenaway

Thomas Greenaway

Thomas Greenaway who lives next to the burnt down house said it was not the first time the young man, known as Saydie Bonit, who is believed to be in his early 20’s, apparently attempted to burn the house.

He allegedly succeeded this time.

Greenaway noted, the morning before the house was burnt, he saw Saydie breaking down the house and questioned him about his motive and Saydie replied and I quote, “The owner of the land told me to break it down and if I can’t break it down burn it,” end quote.

Reports are that the house belonged to Saydie’s grandmother; however it was vacant for a long period of time.

The house which was made entirely of wood and consisted of two bedrooms burnt flat to the ground.

The matter is under police investigation.




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